Funding of REMEDY

The REMEDY research center is funded with NOK 128 million through the Research Center for Clinical Treatment (FKB) scheme from the Research Council of Norway over a period of 8 years. The center has also received a grant of NOK 32 million from the Olav Thon Foundation over the same period.

Research Council

Research Centers for Clinical Care (FKB) are funded by the Research Council of Norway and aim to improve the treatment of Norwegian patients through excellent research. The primary research tasks of the center are to conduct clinical trials. The centers will also contribute to the transfer of basic discoveries to clinical application, increase national and international collaboration, and train competent clinicians and clinical researchers. The centers are eligible for funding from the Research Council for up to eight years (5 + 3 years). The maximum grant is NOK 160 million. In addition to this, the research center provides its own funding equivalent to the grants received.

Olav Thon Foundation

The Olav Thon Foundation was established in 2013, and one of its main purposes is to support charitable causes. At the end of 2021, the Foundation's articles of association were amended to increase the annual disbursement from NOK 50 million to NOK 100 million. Half of this amount will now be earmarked for musculoskeletal purposes, as part of the founder Olav Thon's long-standing commitment to the social consequences of musculoskeletal diseases.


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