The REMEDY research seminar for 2023 was held on March 22-23 at Sanner Hotel with 120 registered participants. On 24 March, the Young researcher program had a separate session with almost 50 participants.

The program included a wide range of presentations, workshops, project discussions and social activities at the hotel.

On Wednesday, participants were presented with four "state of the art" presentations followed by discussions in workshops. The presentations were given by four internationally leading researchers; Professor Daniel H. Solomon, Professor John Torgils Vaage, Professor George Metsios and Professor Merete Hetland.

Day two started with presentations on user involvement in research and grant writing, respectively, before discussing 22 new or ongoing research projects.

As an extension of the seminar, a separate seminar for "young" researchers (PhD students and post doc candidates) was organized on Friday. Here, guest professor Daniel Solomon shared his experiences and thoughts about being a supervisor and being supervised. Furthermore, the participants received many practical tips on how to succeed in writing applications and collaboration across hospital departments as well as the use of modern technology in research projects. The seminar ended with experiences and tips in relation to stays abroad for PhD fellows and post doc candidates.  

Photo: Nicolas Tourrenc/Diakonhjemmet Hospital

REMEDY research seminar 2023


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