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  • Doctor (MD) at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Oslo


  • PhD-scholar, Clinic for rheumatology, outpatient clinic and research, Diakonhjemmet hospital

Field of interest

  • Rheumatic joint diseases
  • Vaccines Infections in the treatment of rheumatic joint disease
  • Epidemiology
  • Randomized controlled trials


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visiting address

Diakonhjemmet hospital
Reidar Kobros vei 8
0370 Oslo

Postal address

Diakohjemmet hospital
PO Box 23 Vinderen
0319 Oslo


WP6 - Dechiphering long-term outcomes


The Norwegian register for antirheumatic drugs

Project Manager:
Tore K. Kvien
WP2 - PPhenotyping for personalized medicine


Immunological response to COVID-19 vaccine in patients on immunosuppressive treatment

Project Manager:
Guro Løvik Goll


Publications taken from the National Science Archive (NVA):

Incidence and outcome of COVID-19 following vaccine and hybrid immunity in patients on immunosuppressive therapy: identification of protective post-immunisation anti-RBD antibody levels in a prospective cohort study

Hilde Sofie Sager Ørbo, Kristin Reine Hammersbøen, Joseph Sexton, Ingrid Jyssum, Anne Therese Tveter, Ingrid Egeland Christensen

RMD Open


Four SARS-CoV-2 vaccine doses or hybrid immunity in patients on immunosuppressive therapies: a Norwegian cohort study

Kristin H. Bjørlykke, Hilde Sofie Sager Ørbo, Anne Therese Tveter, Ingrid Jyssum, Joseph Sexton, Trung Tran

The Lancet Rheumatology


Immunogenicity and safety of a three-dose SARS-CoV-2 vaccination strategy in patients with immune-mediated inflammatory diseases on immunosuppressive therapy

Silje Watterdal Syversen, Ingrid Jyssum, Anne Therese Tveter, Joseph Sexton, Ingrid Egeland Christensen, Trung Tran

RMD Open


The persistence of anti-Spike antibodies following two SARS-CoV-2 vaccine doses in patients on immunosuppressive therapy compared to healthy controls—a prospective cohort study

Ingrid Egeland Christensen, Ingrid Jyssum, Anne Therese Tveter, Joseph Sexton, Trung Tran, Siri Mjaaland

BMC Medicine


Serious infections in patients with rheumatoid arthritis and psoriatic arthritis treated with tumor necrosis factor inhibitors: data from register linkage of the NOR-DMARD study

Ingrid Egeland Christensen, Siri Lillegraven, Mielnik Pawel, Gunnstein Bakland, Liz Paucar Loli, Joseph Sexton

Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases