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Rehabilitation and work participation

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About the project

Rehabilitation should help people to participate in society with the best possible function, coping skills and independence. However, there is little research that examines how specialized rehabilitation services affect work ability and work participation after rehabilitation, despite the fact that this is of great individual and socio-economic importance.

The main objective of the project is therefore to investigate whether people who have undergone rehabilitation have changed their work participation from 1 year before to 1 year after rehabilitation.

This project is one of three projects in RehabNytte where more than 4000 people were rehabilitated in private rehabilitation institutions in Norway. The other two projects deal with patient involvement and quality/disease outcomes.

Who can participate?

The study includes adult patients who have undergone rehabilitation in private rehabilitation facilities regardless of underlying disease. Inclusion of patients has been completed and therefore no further participants are being recruited.

Project arrangement

Patients referred for rehabilitation and over 4000 people were included. At inclusion, after 3, 6 and 12 months, they completed questionnaires that included work participation in a digital portal. To investigate changes in the work and benefit situation, registry data were retrieved from NAV on diagnosis, sickness benefit, work assessment allowance, disability pension and unemployment - also for a matched control group.

This multicenter study is the first to examine work ability and participation after rehabilitation, compared to a matched control group. The results will show whether rehabilitation is useful and provide a starting point for optimizing rehabilitation services for people of working age.


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