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User involvement in health services

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About the project

The overall aim of the study is to provide knowledge about the organization, implementation and quality of user participation at system and individual level in the health services.

According to the Health Trust Act, health trusts are obliged to establish user committees. The few studies that have evaluated how user committees function show that there is great variation in the degree of user participation, that health personnel largely control the committees and that user participation works better at a general level than at a clinical level. There is also a need to evaluate user involvement at the individual level. This is made possible in the rehabilitation field by a new set of quality indicators. In the multicenter study RehabNytte, this set will be used to evaluate the perceived user involvement of approximately 2000 patients with various diagnoses who have undergone rehabilitation at 17 rehabilitation institutions.

Who can participate?

The study includes adult patients who have undergone rehabilitation in private rehabilitation institutions. Patient inclusion is complete and no further participants are being recruited.

Project arrangement

We will explore user involvement at the system and individual level by

  1. summarize the available knowledge on how users are involved in the development and evaluation of health services and how such involvement can affect the quality of health services
  2. investigate how users in user committees describe their influence in decision-making processes in healthcare institutions, and
  3. investigate how user involvement is structured in individual rehabilitation processes at rehabilitation institutions in Norway, and how patients report that they are involved in rehabilitation processes. The results will have a major impact on how we organize user involvement in health services in the future.

The results of the study are expected to have a major impact on how we organize user involvement at both system and individual level in the health service, and will highlight areas where improvements are needed. The knowledge will thus contribute to strengthening user involvement in all parts of the health service.


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