ReMonit Gout

Remote monitoring and self-management of gout

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About the project

Gout is an inflammatory rheumatic disease characterized by recurrent, very painful attacks. If you walk with an elevated uric acid level over time, uric acid crystals can form, which in turn can lead to an inflammatory reaction in the joints (arthritis). Gout is the only one of the inflammatory rheumatic diseases that is curable, meaning that patients can avoid the painful attacks if they are given the right dose of medication and if they continue to take the medication for many years.

In the current treatment pathway, all patients starting uric acid-lowering drugs receive a one-hour consultation with a nurse, who provides information about the disease, the treatment goal, drug treatment, and dietary advice. The patient is then followed up with monthly blood tests and telephone consultations with the nurse until the treatment goal is reached.

In this study, we will develop a 'coping app' for patients with gout. The app will contain useful information (text and video) about the disease and the recommended treatment as well as reminders, support and motivation for patients to follow the recommended treatment. This app will be tested in a randomized, controlled non-inferiority study where we want to investigate whether a coping app and digital remote follow-up is not inferior to the current telephone follow-up with a nurse.

Who can participate?

Patients diagnosed with gout and have an elevated uric acid level can participate in the study.

Recruitment of participants for the study has not yet started.

Project arrangement

Patients will fill in patient-reported data before being randomly assigned to one of two groups:

  • One group (the control group) will be followed up according to the current course of treatment with monthly blood tests and telephone consultations with a nurse.
  • The second group (intervention group) will have access to a self-management app and will be monitored remotely by a nurse through regular patient reporting from home through the Youwell app.  

After 1 year, it will be evaluated whether the use of a self-management app and digital home monitoring is not inferior to a nurse-led follow-up with telephone consultations.


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