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  • Doctor (MD) at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Oslo (2004-2011)
  • Officer training at Forsvarets Sanitet (FSAN) (2013-2014)
  • Doctoral degree at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Oslo (2014-2017)


  • Post.doc. (50%) in rheumatology, Diakonhjemmet hospital
  • Doctor in specialization (50%) internal medicine/rheumatology, Diakonhjemmet Hospital
  • Lecturer (10%) at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Oslo

Field of interest

  • Ultrasound of the musculoskeletal system
  • Ultrasound-guided injection technique (of joints, tendon sheaths, bursa, carpal tunnel syndrome, trigger finger)
  • Hand osteoarthritis
  • Biopsy of joints and synovial membranes
  • Personalized medicine
  • User participation in research
  • Randomized controlled trials
  • MRI of the knee and semi-automated measurement of cartilage thickness and volume (in collaboration with Harvard University, Boston, USA)


  • In the management team of REMEDY Patient council (user participation in research)
  • In the management group for the Young Researcher Program and the Mobility program in REMEDY


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visiting address

Diakonhjemmet hospital
Reidar Kobros vei 8
0370 Oslo

Postal address

Diakohjemmet hospital
PO Box 23 Vinderen
0319 Oslo


WP1 - Optimized medical interventions


Methotrexate in the treatment of erosive hand osteoarthritis

Project Manager:
Ida Bos-Haugen


Publications taken from the National Science Archive (NVA):

Associations of inflammatory and metabolic biomarkers with incident erosive hand osteoarthritis in the osteoarthritis initiative cohort

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Osteoarthritis and Cartilage


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