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CICERO researcher Bob van Oort gives the environmental lecture at Green Congress, 21 June

Green Congress will be held for the fourth time, 21 June 2024 at Deichman Bjørvika. True to tradition, the event opens with an environmental lecture. This year we have been lucky enough to bring CICERO researcher Bob van Oort with us.

He is a prominent climate researcher and biologist at the CICERO Center for International Climate Research.
He works at the intersection between natural and, said Green Congress passport photo Bob van OortBob van Oort, environmental science, with a focus on climate change and climate adaptation.

Van Oort is particularly concerned with the role of the food production system in relation to climate and sustainability, and he is active in public communication and consulting on scientific and political processes related to food, climate and sustainability. He contributes, among other things, with comments in newspapers and television ( NRK , Supernytt ), podcasts (e.g. Nordic Foodology ), and in expert groups in various reports and platforms (e.g. Nye Nordiske Kostråd , Samfunnsmissiont om Bærekraftig Før , Norwegian Academy of Sciences )

He has participated in various projects and studies that deal with how the food system is connected to greenhouse gas emissions, health, biodiversity, economy, ecosystems, etc., and also looks at the opposite: how climate change affects food production and ecosystem services (see his profile, publications and dissemination work at CICERO ).

Van Oort has deep knowledge of how reducing meat consumption and increasing the production and consumption of plant-based food will reduce emissions of methane, a very potent greenhouse gas.

- Transition to significantly more plant-based food is important to be able to deal with the climate challenges effectively, he says.

He has also pointed to the potential to increase the production of vegetables and legumes in Norway by utilizing greenhouses to extend the growing season​​.

His involvement also extends to being an active participant in conferences and seminars where he shares his research and perspectives on climate change and sustainability, such as his participation in the ESNS conference where he discussed the sustainability of the music industry ( ESNS ).

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