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Rehab Benefit

Specialized rehabilitation at private rehabilitation institutions

Project Manager


RehabNytte is a longitudinal multicentre study with 17 collaborating centers from all health regions. The overall aim of the project is to contribute to better and more efficient rehabilitation services. This is to be done by examining the benefit patients derive from rehabilitation, increasing knowledge about the degree and importance of user participation, examining the effect on work participation, quality-assured measuring instruments, as well as examining the effect the introduction of quality indicators has on the patients' health, function and quality of life after rehabilitation. ‍

The study will take a closer look at the following:

  • How do the users benefit from rehabilitation?
  • What does user participation in rehabilitation mean?
  • How does rehabilitation affect work ability and work participation?
  • Can quality indicators help us to develop even better rehabilitation services
  • How can data quality on collected patient data and effect measures help us in the follow-up after rehabilitation?
  • How do patient-reported outcome measures work in different rehabilitation populations?

The project consists of three work packages:



Patients referred for rehabilitation at the participating institutions are asked to participate in the project. This includes patients who are undergoing rehabilitation regardless of the underlying disease.

Recruitment of participants has ended.


Patients referred for rehabilitation at the participating institutions regardless of underlying disease were asked to participate. Those who agreed filled in a questionnaire in a digital portal at the start and end of rehabilitation, and after 3, 6 and 12 months. In order to examine changes in the employment and benefit situation, register data will also be extracted from NAV on diagnosis, sickness benefit, work verification benefit, disability pension and unemployment.

Just under 4,000 patients were recruited during the inclusion period.

The project is a collaboration between NKRR and the R&D network (VIRKE rehabilitation). Participating institutions are: Skogli Helse- og Rehabiliteringsenter AS, HLF Briskeby rehabilitation, Vikersund bad rehabilitation center, Røysumtunet rehabilitation center, CatoSenteret, Sørlandet rehabilitation center, Stamina Ringerike rehabilitation, Hernes Institute, NKS Helsehus as, Montebellosenteret, Evjeklinikken, Ravneberghaugen, Åstveit health center, Red Cross Haugland rehabilitation centre, Selli rehabilitation centre, Muritunet, the training center in Finnmark. Other partners in the project are: the Joint Organization for the Disabled, the National Competence Service for Work-Oriented Rehabilitation (NKARR) and the Regional Competence Service for Rehabilitation Health South East (RKE).



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