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Mari Nilsen Shines


  • Physiotherapy at Trøndelag University College
  • Master's degree in Interdisciplinary Health Research at the University of Oslo


  • PhD scholar at the Unit for Health Service Research and Innovation, Diakonhjemmet Hospital

Field of interest

  • Interdisciplinary rehabilitation and work participation
  • Rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases


  • Leader of work package 7 in REMEDY (Coping and participation)
  • Norwegian Occupational Therapist Association's honorary award (2013)
  • Honorary lecture, Norwegian professional congress in occupational therapy 2022


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visiting address

Diakonhjemmet hospital
Diakonveien 12
0370 Oslo

Postal address

Diakohjemmet hospital
PO Box 23 Vinderen
0319 Oslo


WP3 - Pain mechanisms and management

Rehab Benefit

Specialized rehabilitation at private rehabilitation institutions

Project Manager:
Rikke Helene Moe
WP6 - Dechiphering long-term outcomes

RehabNytte - work

Rehabilitation and work participation

Project Manager:
Till Uhlig


Publications taken from the National Science Archive (NVA):

Work Ability in the Year after Rehabilitation—Results from the RehabNytte Cohort

Mari Nilsen Skinnes, Rikke Helene Moe, Thomas Johansen, Peter Solvoll Lyby, Kjersti Dahl, Idun Eid

Journal of Clinical Medicine


Changes in pain-tolerance caused by high-intensity aerobic exercise, measured with PainMatcher: a pilot study with 12 healthy women

Julie Rennan, Mari Nilsen Skinnes, Berit Østerås

The physiotherapist