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Pain mechanisms and treatment

The aim of WORK PACKAGE 3 is to identify and define phenotypes/endotypes for pain and the association between disease activity and pain.

More about the projects included in or associated with WORK PACKAGE 3:

WP1 - Optimized medical interventions


Methotrexate in the treatment of erosive hand osteoarthritis

Project Manager:
Ida Bos-Haugen
WP6 - Dechiphering long-term outcomes


The Norwegian register for antirheumatic drugs

Project Manager:
Tore K. Kvien
WP3 - Pain mechanisms and management

Norwegian Hand

Longitudinal observational study of people with hand osteoarthritis

Project Manager:
Ida K. Bos-Haugen
WP3 - Pain mechanisms and management

Rehab Benefit

Specialized rehabilitation at private rehabilitation institutions

Project Manager:
Rikke Helene Moe
WP2 - PPhenotyping for personalized medicine


Longitudinal ultrasound study of patients with rheumatoid arthritis starting treatment with biological DMARD drugs

Project Manager:
Hilde Berner Hammer